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Bookstore Appearances

Mark Armour

SABR Presentations

Mark has presented ​at several SABR conferences on a wide variety of topics.

  • 2003 (Denver): 1971 California Angels
  • 2009 (Washington DC): The 1968 firings of umpires Al Salerno and Bill Valentine
  • 2011 (Long Beach): Joe Morgan Trade
  • 2012 (Minneapolis): Artificial Turf
  • 2013 (Philadelphia): Solly Hemus
  • 2014 (Houston): Al Campanis
  • 2015 (Chicago): Mike Burke Yankees
  • 2016 (Miami): MLBPA vs. Topps
  • 2017 (New York): The 1969 Centennial
  • 2018 (Pittsburgh): Platooning

Ball Four Panel (2017)

In 2018 Mark had the pleasure of taking part in a panel celebrating Jim Bouton and his classic book Ball Four. Mark has written about Bouton, and his all-time favorite book, and also wrote a recap of this panel.​ Left to right: Marty Appel, Mitch Nathanson, Mark Armour, Jim Bouton, Paula Kurmann (Jim's wife), and moderator John Thorn. You can listen to the audio here.