Mark Armour

"Not everyone can write a great baseball book, although many of us try. Mark Armour and Dan Levitt have succeeded, and they deserve our congratulations.”—David Shiner, Elysian Fields Quarterly

"It's simply an excellent book, one that can be both enjoyed and studied. I've done both over the last week or so, and I know it's going to be a book I go back to again and again.”—Joe Sheehan,

"Paths to Glory is a comprehensive study of the fine art of putting together a ball club good enough to win it all. Wondering just how that is done and why some franchises are better at it than others apparently bothered these sabermetricians enough to cause them to ransack baseball’s past for some answers. And they found some." —Warren Wilbert, SABR's Inside Game.

“I can’t wait for the sequel. Because I’ve already come up with thirteen more teams whose stories should be told.”—Rob Neyer,

By Mark L. Armour and Daniel R. Levitt

(Brasseys, 2003)

Winner of the 2004 Sporting News-SABR Baseball Research Award

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Paths To Glory:

How Great BaseballTeams Got That Way