Mark Armour

Leveraging 25 years experience as a baseball researcher, editor and writer, I offer professional help and guidance on your own writing projects, whether they are books or journal articles. No matter how much experience you have, your work can likely be helped with an experienced objective eye.

While many authors can find help proofreading for grammar and style, I can offer help with the larger questions. Is this manuscript well-organized? Will the reader be convinced by the author's narrative points? Are there issues the author might not have considered?


Manuscript Level 1

I will review your manuscript and provide constructive feedback, focusing on structure, tone, narrative flow, persuasiveness, etc. We will provide a written assessment of your work, what we feel it needs, what works, what doesn’t, and offering you suggestions for the next steps we advise you to take. This level of edit does not include any line editing, margin comments, or reworking of your text.

Manuscript Level 2

Fact Checking