BASEBALL CARDS. I recently wrote a 10-part series on Topps baseball cards for the National Pastime Museum web site.  You can read each entry by clicking the card to the left.

I am a freelance baseball writer living in Corvallis, Oregon.  For the past 34 years I have been mainly a computer professional by day, but this site is devoted to the my sideline.  I spent my childhood in Connecticut, my college years in New York and Boston, and several years in Rhode Island and Massachusetts before moving to Oregon in 1993.  I am now joined by Jane, Maya, and Drew in the idyllic/rainy Pacific Northwest.

​SABR. I have been a member of SABR since 1983, participating with the local chapter (NWSABR), helping with several committees, and attending 22 national conventions.  SABR membership is open to all, and you join by visiting our web site, found by clicking the logo to the left.

​BOOK. In 2010 my book on Joe Cronin was published by the University of Nebraska Press. Cronin spent five decades in the game as a star player, manager, general manager and league president.  The book was a finalist for the prestigious Seymour Medal honoring the best baseball book of the year.

​BOOK. In 2003, Brassey's published Paths to Glory, a book that I wrote with Dan Levitt that tells a number of stories about interesting teams from the past and how they were put together.  We also presented a few studies that could help a team or a fan interested in team building.  Click on the image for more information.

​WRITING. I have been written writing extensively on baseball for many years, for books, journals, and web sites.  For a selected list of my work, please click on the image to the left.

BIOGRAPHY PROJECT.  In 2002 I founded SABR's Baseball Biography Project, and have been its director ever since.  Click on the image to see a list of articles I have written for the project.

BOOK. In 2015 the University of Nebraska Press published In Pursuit of Pennants--Baseball Operations from Deadball to Moneyball, a book I co-authored with Dan Levitt.  To learn more, click on the book image to the left. 

Dan and I have created a BLOG to talk about the book and topics related to the material therein.