In 2022 Dan Levitt and I produced our third collaboration, Intentional Balk, published by Clyde Hill Publishing.  To learn more, click on the book image to the left. 

See especially our Op-Ed in the Seattle Timeson May 28.

Mark Armour is a husband, father, friend, writer, film lover, music enthusiast, baseball nut and dog companion living in Corvallis, Oregon.  After 40+ years as a student or professional in computer science, Mark retired in April 2020 and now has more time to spend on his passion for baseball research and writing.

Mark has written extensively about baseball, and is particularly expert on labor relations, baseball integration, and biography. Joining SABR in 1983, Mark has made extensive contributions to the organization over the past four decades.

New Book: Intentional Balk

Mark Armour


  • Author or co-author of six books.  Details.
  • Advisor to the Baseball Hall of Fame on what became their Shoebox Treasures permanent exhibit.
  • With Dan Levitt, wrote timeline history of Major League Player's Association, published on the Association's website and in their 50-year anniversary publication (2016).
  • Chaired SABR's Negro Leagues Task Force, which recommended that SABR recognize the seven great Negro Leagues as major leagues.
  • Proposed and managed the popular SABR 50 at 50 web series to celebrate the society's 50th anniversary.
  • Founder and longtime chairman (2002-2016) of the Baseball Biography Project which today contains over 5000 baseball biographical articles.
  • Co-founder and co-chair (2016-19) of SABR's Baseball Cards committee, and its extremely popular blog.
  • Winner of the Bob Davids Award, the Henry Chadwick Award, the McFarland-SABR Baseball Research Award, and the SABR Research Award, and twice a runner-up for the Seymour Medal.
  • Have attended 26 SABR national conventions, and have been a speaker or panelist at 11 of them. Presentation topics have included Joe Morgan, artificial turf, platooning, the 1969 centennial, and Al Campanis.
  • Besides SABR meetings, have spoken at the baseball Hall of Fame, bookstores in Denver, Minneapolis, Boston, Seattle and San Francisco.