Selected Writings

Books (author)

In Pursuit of Pennants--Baseball Operations from Deadball to Moneyball (with Daniel R. Levitt) (University of Nebraska Press, 2015).

Joe Cronin: A Life in Baseball (University of Nebraska Press, 2010).  Finalist for the Seymour Medal.

Paths to Glory: How Great Teams Got That Way (with Daniel R. Levitt) (Brassey’s, 2003).  Winner of the 2004 Sporting News-SABR Baseball Research Award.

Books (editor)

The Great Eight: The 1975 Cincinnati Reds (University of Nebraska Press, 2014).

Red Sox Baseball in the Days of Ike and Elvis: The Red Sox of the 1950s (with Bill Nowlin) (SABR, 2012).

Pitching, Defense and Three-Run Homers: The 1970 Baltimore Orioles (with Malcolm Allen) (University of Nebraska Press, 2012).

Rain Check: Baseball in the Pacific Northwest (editor, with Dave Eskenazi) (SABR, 2006).

SABR articles

"Felipe Alou," in Cecilia Tan (editor), Baseball Research Journal 42:1 (SABR, 2013).

"Henry Chadwick Award: Ray Nemec," in Cecilia Tan (editor), Baseball Research Journal 41:2 (SABR, 2012).

"Felled By The Impossible--The 1967 Minnesota Twins," in Cecila Tan (editor), The National Pastime 31 (SABR, 2012).

"Henry Chadwick Award: Clifford S. Kachline," in Cecilia Tan (editor), Baseball Research Journal 40:1 (SABR, 2011).

"Henry Chadwick Award: David Neft," in Cecilia Tan (editor), Baseball Research Journal 39:1 (SABR, 2010).

"A Tale of Two Umpires--When Al Salerno and Bill Valentine Got Thrown Out of the Game," in Nicholas Frankovich (editor), Baseball Research Journal 38 (SABR, 2009).  Winner of the McFarland-SABR Baseball Research Award in 2010.

"History vs. Harry Frazee" (with Dan Levitt and Matthew Levitt) in Nicholas Frankovich (editor), Baseball Research Journal 37 (SABR, 2008).

“The Effects of Integration,” in Jim Charlton (editor), Baseball Research Journal  36 (SABR, 2007).

“Emmett Ashford,” in Jim Charlton (editor), The National Pastime 26 (SABR, 2007).

“Bill Carrigan” and “Duffy Lewis” in David Jones (editor), Deadball Stars of the American League (Potomac Books, 2007).

“The Revolution Started Here,” in Mark Armour (editor), Rain Check (SABR, 2006).

“Sam Leever,” “Deacon Phillippe,” “Tommy Leach,” and “Owen Wilson” in Tom Simon (editor), Deadball Stars of the National League(Brassey’s Books, 2004).

“El Tiante,” in Mark Alvarez (editor), Baseball Research Journal #30 (SABR, 2001).

“Keep Your Eye On The Ball,” in Mark Alvarez (editor), Baseball Research Journal #29 (SABR, 2000).

Articles or Chapters in SABR team books

"Charlie Finley," "Denny McLain," "Matty Alou," "Jesus Alou," and "Orlando Cepeda," in Chip Greene, Mustaches and Mayhem--Charlie O's Three-Time Champions (SABR, 2015).

"Garry Roggenburk," in Gregory H. Wolfe, A Pennant for the Twin Cities--The 1965 Minnesota Twins (SABR, 2015).

“Memories of a Summer," “Luis Tiant,” and "September 16, 1975," in Bill Nowlin and Cecilia Tan (editors), ’75—The Red Sox Team That Saved Baseball (SABR, 2005).

"Marv Owen," and "Fred Marberry," in Scott Ferkovich, Detroit The Unconquerable--The 1935 World Champion Tigers (SABR, 2014).

"Eddie Basinski," in Bill Nowlin, Van Lingle Mungo--The Man, The Song, The Players (SABR, 2014).

"Sam Breadon," in Charles F. Faber, The 1934 St. Louis Cardinals--The World Champion Gas House Gang (SABR, 2014).

"Bob Howsam," "George Scherger," "Tom Hall," "Johnny Bench," and several other chapters in Mark Armour, The Great Eight--The 1975 Cincinnati Reds (University of Nebraska Press, 2014).

"Vic Wertz" in Joe Wancho, Pitching to the Pennant--The 1954 Cleveland Indians (University of Nebraska Press, 2014).

"Dave Bennett," "Dennis Bennett," "Ray Culp," and "Alex Johnson," in Mel Marmer and Bill Nowlin, The Year of the Blue Snow -- The 1964 Philadelphia Phillies  (SABR, 2013).

"Yankee Ownership," "Del Webb," and "Dan Topping," (all with Dan Levitt) in Lyle Spatz, Bridging Two Dynasties: The 1947 New York Yankees (University of Nebraska Press, 2013).

"Bing Devine," "Bob Howsam," and "Introduction," in John Harry Stahl and Bill Nowlin, Drama and Pride in the Gateway City: The 1964 St. Louis Cardinals (University of Nebraska Press, 2013).

"Jimmy Piersall", "Jackie Jensen", "Tom Yawkey", "Mike Higgins", "Joe Cronin" and "Ellis Kinder", in Mark Armour and Bill Nowlin, Red Sox Baseball in the Days of Ike and Elvis: The Red Sox of the 1950s (SABR, 2012).

"Jim Palmer," "Don Buford," "Dave McNally," "Dave Johnson," and several other chapters in Mark Armour and Malcolm Allen, Pitching, Defense and Three-Run Homers: The 1970 Baltimore Orioles (University of Nebraska Press, 2012).

"Bill Carrigan" in Bill Nowlin, Opening Fenway Park in Style (SABR, 2012).

Jim Gosger,” in Matthew Silverman and Ken Samelson (editors), The Miracle Has Landed--The Amazin' Story of How the 1969 Mets Shocked the World (Maple Street Press, 2009).

"Earl Torgeson" and "Gary Peters," in Don Zminda (editor), Go-Go to Glory--The 1959 Chicago White Sox (ACTA, 2009).

“1939,” "Joe Cronin" and “Woody Rich,” in Bill Nowlin (editor), Lefty, Double-X and The Kid--The 1939 Boston Red Sox (Rounder Books, 2008).

“The Greatest Summer,” "Earl Torgeson," "Vern Stephens," "Stan Spence" and “Ellis Kinder,” in Bill Nowlin (editor), Spahn, Sain and Teddy Ballgame--Boston's (Almost) Perfect Summer of 1948 (Rounder Books, 2008).

“The Rise and Fall of the Tigers” (with Dan Levitt) and "Denny McLain" in Mark Pattison and David Raglin (editors), Sock it to ‘em Tigers--The Incredible Story of the 1968 Detroit Tigers (Maple Street Press, 2008).

“Dennis Bennett” and “Was it Really Impossible?” in Bill Nowlin and Dan Desrochers (editors), The 1967 Impossible Dream Red Sox (Rounder Books, 2007).

Articles or Chapters in non-SABR books

Book Review of Paul Hensler's The American League in Transition, 1965-75, in Trey Strecker (editor), NINE: A Journal of Baseball History, Vol. 22, No. 1  (Nebraska, 2014).

Book Review of Jane Leavy's The Lost Boy, in Trey Strecker (editor), NINE: A Journal of Baseball History, Vol. 20, No. 1  (Nebraska, 2012).

"Littleball: Are the A's Equipped to Succeed in October," republished in The Best of Baseball Prospectus, December 2011.

Book Review of Joe Posnanski's The Machine, in Trey Strecker (editor), NINE: A Journal of Baseball History, Vol. 18, No. 2  (Nebraska, 2010).

"Misplaced Priorities," in Maple Street Press Red Sox Annual 2010.

“No Cigar--The '49 Red Sox Are a Team to Remember," in Maple Street Press Red Sox Annual 2009.

Book Review of William's Rycek's The Amazin' Mets and The Yankeees of the Early 1960s, in Trey Strecker (editor), NINE: A Journal of Baseball History, Vol. 17, No. 2  (Nebraska, 2009).

“Anatomy of a Collapse: The 1978 Red Sox Re-examined,” in Maple Street Press Red Sox Annual 2008.

Book Review of Judith Testa's Sal Maglie in Trey Strecker (editor), NINE: A Journal of Baseball History, Vol. 17, No. 1.  (Nebraska, 2008).

“Joe Cronin: The Story Behind the #4 on the Right Field Façade”, in Maple Street Press Red Sox Annual 2007.

“The Year After: The Red Sox in 1968, 1976, 1987, and 2005”, in Maple Street Press Red Sox Annual 2006.

“Boston Red Sox” in Baseball Prospectus Annual 2006.

“Boston Red Sox” in Baseball Prospectus Annual 2004.

Selected Web Articles

Arnold Hano's A Day in the Bleachers, The National Pastime Museum, December 30, 2015.

(With Dan Levitt) Pennants Pursued, The Hardball Times, October 6, 2015.

(With Dan Levitt) Front Offices More Aggressive Than Ever in Looking For an Edge, Huffington Post, April 6, 2015.

(With Dan Levitt) The 2015 Season Preview in Pursuing Pennants, The Hardball Times, April 1, 2015.

(With Dan Levitt) Baseball Ops--Welcome to the Evolution, Our Game, March 22, 2015.

Harmon Killebrew and “Versatility”.  Baseball Analysts, 07/13/2011.

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In Defense of the Hall of Fame.  Baseball Analysts, 1/10/2008.

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Hoyt Wilhelm, Starting Pitcher., 05/06/2003.

The Great Slide Backwards.  Baseball Prospectus, 04/09/2003.

The Great Leap Forward.  Baseball Prospectus, 04/02/2003.

The Impossible Dream.  Baseball Prospectus, 03/17/2003.

The Downfall of Denny McLain.  Baseball Prospectus, 02/28/2003.